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27 September 1977
Closeup of
Thach Ba Shoreline

This drawing is from photography of 27 September 1977.  The area in the red circle is the location of the buildings visited by Smith and Garwood in July 1993.  Now, this is the most important drawing in this whole set of imagery, because: 

bulletIn July 1993, Senator Smith and Robert Garwood visited the location in the red circle.   There, they found two brick and concrete buildings with several families living in the buildings.  The buildings are best described as single-story apartments.
bulletGarwood claimed that it was in these buildings that he saw US POWs in September 1977.
bulletSmith sneeringly denounced the Defense Intelligence Agency, claiming that DIA ". . . said these buildings do not exist."
bulletThe point is NOT whether the buildings existed in 1993.  The point is:  Did the buildings exist in September 1977, the date that Garwood claimed he saw US POWs in these very buildings. 
bulletClearly, as shown by the satellite imagery illustrated in these drawings -- that are taken directly from the imagery -- the buildings that Smith and Garwood visited in July 1993 were built between 4 June 1984 and 14 May 1985.
bulletNo buildings were present in 4 June 1984 imagery.
bulletOne building was present in 14 May 1985, though it was in a slightly different configuration from the 1993 buildings.
bulletThus, the buildings visited by Smith and Garwood in July 1993 WERE NOT PRESENT in September 1977.  No buildings were present on this site in September 1977.   Compounding the fact that there were no buildings on this site for several years in 1977 (and none there for several years after 1977) is the fact that this site is on the mainland, not on an island in the middle of the lake as Garwood insisted in several interviews.  Garwood is lying, Smith and Hendon are abetting him in that lie.

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