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4 June 1984
Closeup of
Thach Ba Shoreline

This drawing is from photography of 4 June 1984.  The area in the red circle is the location of the buildings visited by Smith and Garwood in July 1993.  In June 1984, there are no buildings on the site.  The shaded area is an area of trees that range from 12 to 18 feet high that are not dense enugh to hide buildings.  By measuirng the geographic coordinates of the buildings visited by Smith and Garwood in 1993 and finding that same spot on this photography, it is clear that those buildings were not present in 1984.

Remember, the differences from drawing to drawing in the shape of shoreline and islands is due to (1) angle at which the pictures were taken, and, (2) variations in water level that will change the shape of landforms.

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