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One of the "activist" POW-MIA organizations is a group calling themselves "Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA."  Once made up mainly of MIA family members, the organization long ago became more "activist" and less "family."  One of their members is an individual named Rich Daly -- Daly claims to be a "researcher" for MN Won't Forget; he may be the executive director now. 

Regardless, I had several articles on this site describing the activities of MN Won't Forget.  On October 3, 2003, I received a letter from their attorney accusing me of defaming the organization.  I have removed from this site the articles dealing with Daly and MN Won't Forget.  Here is a copy of the letter from their attorney. 


MNWFatyltr.jpg (1143162 bytes)


As you see, this letter was addressed to me.  As such, it is now my property and is not privileged communication -- this attorney does not represent me thus communication between us is not privileged.  I thought perhaps other folks would be interested in reading the letter.

Apparently this attorney has not checked with the Minnesota Attorney General's office for their files on MN Won't Forget POW/MIA.  If an organization wants to solicit donations in a state, they must comply with state laws or face fines, suspension, and other penalties.  MN Won't Forget and the MN Attorney General had quite a dispute over MN Won't Forget's fundraising activities.   The file on this matter is available from the MN Attorney General through the Freedom of Information Act.