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Welcome to my home page bookstore. I added this bookstore to my home page to share with you books that I have enjoyed.  Listed below are topics; you can see the books under each topic by clicking on that topic. My home page bookstore is linked to Amazon.com , the planet's largest bookstore with over 2.5 million volumes available.

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After reading about a book on my home page, if you would like to order the book from Amazon.com, simply click on the line that says Click here to order (TITLE OF THE BOOK) from Amazon.com. That link will take you to Amazon.com's order process where you will have the opportunity to order the book. You are not obligated to purchase the book by clicking on the link; this service is offered as a convenience to you for visiting my home page.

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Remember, if you wish to order a book, click on the ordering link. Notice: Most of these pages are still under construction as of January 3, 1998. I have indicated where a section is still under construction. Please come back every few days. Thanks.  

bulletHow to Read A Book
bulletThe Vietnam War: Prisoners of War, Missing in Action
bulletThe Civil War
bulletUnder Construction Real Men Drive VW Beetles (Real Women, Too)
bulletHonest Christianity
bulletSome of my Favorites

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How to Read A Book

                                                            -- Mortimer Adler

I read books for years before discovering this gem, written in 1940. The book is entitled -- get this -- How To Read A Book. Author Mortimer Adler prepared the collection Great Books of the Western World..   I had never though much about it but, as he points out, reading a book is like having a conversation with the author. In this work, Adler and Charles Van Doren help us to become real readers. What is a "reader?" Here is what they say:

"By readers, we mean people who are still accustomed, as almost every literate and intelligent person used to be, to gain a large share of their information and understanding of the world from the written word." (p. 3)

Click here to order How To Read A Book from Amazon.com.