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Here he is, folks . .
Ol' Bo himself
in all his self-awarded glory


If you have not read the article about how James "Bo" Gritz, Lieutenant Colonel (not Colonel), U. S. Army (Retired), obtained all these medals, click here and read the article

These photos were lifted from Bo's web site, http://www.bogritz.com on 12/27/99.  Visit the site -- it's a hoot.  And remember, some folks believe the stuff on that site.

bomedals.jpg (8290 bytes)

James "Bo" Gritz
LTC, USArmy (Retired)
wearing the medals that he awarded to himself


bo1.gif (25807 bytes)

James "The Pillsbury Doughboy" Gritz incorrectly identified as "Colonel."  This photo came from his web site and from the looks of this photo, Ol' Bo has been enjoying his share of biscuits and gravy.  Note that he is wearing lieutenant colonel's insignia on his collar.

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