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The MIA issue is dogged by any number of people who spread untrue, inaccurate, and misleading information.  There are others who prey on families and on unsuspecting veterans and the general public.  Some of the people in these categories do so because they themselves are simply misinformed or uninformed.  Others do what they do out of honest but misplaced zeal.  Then there are a few who are true dirtbags -- they care not a whit for truth or for whom they hurt.  Here is a list of folks who have made my list of MIA dirtbags (click on the link to read all about it):

bulletBilly Hendon; former member of Congress, Hendon is at the top of any list of dirtbags.
bulletJoe Jordan; former Navy communications technician, made numerous phony claims about his combat record, a nut.
bulletKhambang Sibonhuaeng; Laotian who emigrated to the US, is a source of numerous phony photos and scams.

I will add to this list as more dirtbags come to mind.