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The Gritz Award Document


You should have come here from the page titled ". . . medals rained from the heavens."  That page is a re-typed version of a memorandum prepared by the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) adjutant in response to a question from the 5 SFGA Executive Officer about why Major James Gritz (AKA:   "Bo" Gritz) had been nominated for a second award of the Legion of Merit (Awarding the LOM to a fairly junior Major was unusual; it was really unusual for Gritz to be recommended for a second LOM and the Group commander wondered what was happening.).  I received this memo in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that I submitted for documents relating to Gritz.  As you see, the copy that I received is a photocopy that is many generations removed from the original.  For that reason, I typed it so the contents can be read.  I scanned the document and have posted it here so those who think that I make up this stuff can see for themselves.  If you have not read the ". . . medals rained from the heavens" article, click here to read it.  When I scanned the memo I got four big jpeg files -- over 1 meg each.  I split the memo into four web pages.   Here is page 1 and navigation links to the next page.


gritzp1.jpg (1087596 bytes)

Page one. 
The only change made is at the top where I blacked out
the name of the officer who prepared this memo.

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