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Tax Return for 2000


Cash position improves

The front page of Roger Hall's IRS Form 990 for tax year 2000   (October 1999 - September 2000) is displayed below.  Note the entries on Line 22 - - Cash, savings, and investments:

bulletBeginning of year:  $17,487
bulletEnd of year:  $30,226

Thus, the cash, savings, and investments of the "POW FOIA Litigation" project increased by $12,739 in one year.  Not bad for an organization that is constantly complaining on the "MIA activist" websites that they are about to run out of money.


On Page 1 of the Supplemental Schedules (not shown here), Hall lists the following donors:

Accuracy in Media $2,500.00
Task Force Omega of KY $1,250.00
Lima Area MIA-POW $1,000.00
JW Laeufer $1,324.00
Chained Eagles of Ohio $1,118.00

Other Expenses

On Page 1 of the Supplemental Schedules (not shown here), Hall lists the following expenses:

Accounting $923.00
Legal $347.00
Supplies $5,687.00
Bank service charges $22.00
Meeting expense $65.00
Auto and truck $57.00
Rental $259.00
Amortization $100.00
Telephone $789.00
Travel $455.00
Misc expense $354.00
Personal property tax $7.00

hall990-00.bmp (1019678 bytes)


Let's examine some figures on this form

As pointed out above, the cash position of the organization increased from $17,487 at the beginning of the year to $30,226 at the end of the year -- and increase of $12,739 -- a 72 percent increase.  I wish I could increase my cash position by 72 percent a year.

Note that donations were $26,047.  The $12,739 increase in the cash position represents 49 percent of the donations.  I thought donations were supposed to fund operations, not increase the organization's bank account.

But wait -- it gets better -- check out the figures for  2001.


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