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A Recent Attack
On Senator McCain

The following is an e-mail that was plucked from cyberspace and sent to my mailbox.   It is from "Col. and Mrs. Earl P. Hopper, Sr.," of "Task Force Omega."  Follow this link to read about the lies that Hopper propagates about his own son. 

Note that the TO address and the body of the message indicate that this message was sent to someone who fly F4 Phantoms in Vietnam.  Apparently an F4 guy sent an e-mail to Hopper commenting on something Hopper said about McCain.  Note the CC addressees:   Ted Sampley and Bill Bell.  My, my.


><< Subj:     Re: McCain Subjected to Closer Scrutiny as Campaign Heats Up
> Date:  2/4/00 12:36:27 PM Eastern Standard Time
> From:  tfoinc@inficad.com (Task Force Omega, Inc.)
> To:    Fphantom@aol.com
> CC:    usvet@icomnet.com (Ted Sampley), Bbell0405@aol.com (Bill Bell)
> The guy is a documented traitor by his own words - pull your head out of
> yours.
> If you want the declassified FBIS reports documenting the numerous times
> McCain voluntarily gave real information - intelligence - to the North
> Vietnamese, the Russians, a communist French journalist and a Spanish
> psychiatrist working for the Cubans, beginning within the first 4 days of
> capture and without torture along with the US News and World Report article
> dated 14 May 1973, authored by Lt. Cmdr. John S. McCain III, US Navy, in
> which he quotes himself telling the Bug, an NVA officer: "Okay, I'll give
> you military information if you take me to the hospital." --- as well as so
> much more, you can find in on the webb at www.geocities.com/Pentagon/6381/
> Since you flew F4s, and presumably flew up north, I would also suggest you
> check out another site put together by the River Rats.
> www.farfromglory.com/john_s_mccain.htm   It also has a poll in which you can
> vote as to whether you believe he's a traitor or a hero.  Since I first
> became aware of this site, the number of voters who believe he is a traitor
> has risen from about 20% to 36%.  It would not surprise me if eventually
> more people believe he's a traitor than a war hero - a probably a
> substantial number more.
> Please take the time to investigate all of this for yourself.  John McCain
> wants to be President.  Based on reality, you decide whether or not he
> should be ----- and remember, if he is a traitor who would certainly be
> vulnerable to blackmail.  Who will he be loyal to, those he's elected to
> govern or those who pull his strings?
> Col. and Mrs. Earl P. Hopper, Sr.


I had a bit of contact with Hopper during my tenure in the MIA offices.  He couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the sole.

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Posted 8 February 2000