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McCain's Prison "Interviews:"
His Statements
on the Matter

You should have come to this page from an article describing the source of the attacks on Senator John McCain.  If you have not read that article, I recommend you go to this link and read the article, then return here.

The Prison "Interviews"

Several of the false charges made against Senator McCain by the MIA activist cult stem from two "interviews" that the Vietnamese forced him into while he was a prisoner.  The first occurred while he was still hospitalized, a few days after his capture, and the second was with a Cuban "psychiatrist" several years later.   I have scanned the pages from his book that deal with these two interviews.   By following the links below, you can read McCain's own statements. 

These pages are jpeg files that were scanned from a book.  As such, the files are big and take a couple of minutes each to load.  McCain's encounter with the French journalist shortly after his capture takes nine pages and the incident with the Spanish/Cuban guy is only two pages.

Links to articles about McCain and pages from his book

Encounter with the French Journalist
(nine pages)

McCain interviewed by the Cuban "psychiatrist"
(two pages)

Whence the Attacks on McCain?

ADM Jim Stockdale speaks about McCain as a POW

Recent Attack on McCain
(Feb. 8, 2000)
Chapter on Ted Sampley, McCain's Chief Accuser    


These pages came from McCain's book,  Faith of My Fathers.