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I don't know why I bother to respond to vacuous comments posted on my guestbook, but, here goes again.

The following two items were posted on the MIA Facts Site Guestbook on March 11 and 13, 2001, respectively.  I have no way of confirming the names, e-mail addresses, or other identification of the posters.

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Robby Robinson


I was rather amused at your protrayal (sic) of Maj Mark Smith. You indicate that he is a drunk that hangs out the bars of Bangkok. I happen to know Mark a little better than you. I work as a network engineer for a company in Bangkok and I live about 75 meters from him and visit with him daily. He does NOT hang out in bars. The only bar he does go to (once every two or three months) is one at a tourist hotel, where he sings with a band that he helped start years ago. Joe, some of your other "facts", like the one I just referenced, are out and out lies. I have to wonder what your interest is, in trying to perform this character assasination (sic). Do you still work for the DIA? Is it professional jealousy? I know that you never earned any awards for valor, even though other MI officers did but, does that mean you should lie about those brave servicemen that shed blood for this country? I'm not talking about the paper cuts that you got but, real wounds obtained in combat.

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C.F. MacDonald M.D.


You're starting to slip. It appears that the government-paid mouthpiece has been caught in yet ANOTHER lie. How interesting that you call Major Mark Smith a drunk that hangs out in the bars of Bangkok. You probably weren't expecting someone who lives just 75 meters away from Major Smith to read that and catch you so red-lipped, were you ? I agree with Mr. Rifenberg. . . you can't attack the facts, so you try to destroy the sources. . .by any means whatsoever, even if that means complete and total fabrication. You are a pathetic piece of work. I'm ashamed you wore our nation's uniform.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Mark Smith (Major, US Army, Retired) and his fabrications regarding the MIA issue, I invite you to these articles:

  1. Major Mark Smith's Fantasies
  2. Mark Smith's Scams


This is amazing.  In July 1994, Mark Smith stated in two public venue that he had information on the whereabouts of 572 US POWs.  He made the claim first on a televised interview with Accuracy in Media; the transcript of that interview can be found on the AIM website, July 1994, http://www.ipsystems.com/powmia/documents/aim.html .  He then made the same claim before the annual meeting of the National Alliance of Families.

Smith's claims about 527 US POWs are merely a continuation of his falsehoods.  His claims that the Special Forces Detachment in Korea had a mission of searching for POWs in SEAsia is bogus -- a fact testified to by several senior people in the SF and USFK chain of command.  His claim that he was tossed out of the Army because he was getting to close to the truth is nonsense.  He was retired because he did not meet the criteria for continuation on active duty.  His claim that he provided information about US POWs in Laos is nonsense -- he turned in old, useless reporting that was commonplace around the Thai refugee camps.

Mr. Robinson and Dr. MacDonald prefer to ignore Smith's record of falsehood and bogus claims and concentrate instead on whether or not Smith spends any time in bars.  Their response is typical, however -- I have yet to find anyone who wishes to hold Mark Smith  accountable for his claims.   Instead, they prefer to attack anyone who dares reveal the facts about such as Mark Smith, Billy Hendon, et al.

For Mr. Robinson

For one who claims to be an engineer, you display considerable lack of attention to detail and a high degree of imprecision.  For example: 

bulletIf you had read the opening page of my web site, you would have discovered that I served in Vietnam as an artillery officer -- a forward observer to be exact.  I was commissioned in the Field Artillery and transferred to Military Intelligence upon my return from Vietnam. 
bulletYou state: "I know that you never earned any awards for valor. . ."   You, sir, know no such thing.  I received decorations for valor but it is not my practice -- nor is it the practice of most veterans -- to proclaim about my decorations.

By the way, you make the following statement:  "some of your other "facts", like the one I just referenced, are out and out lies."  Such as?

Dr. MacDonald

Dr. MacDonald's gratuitous comments are there for the world to see and do not merit response.