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Phony "Carr"

Summary.  In the summer of 1991, three photos, alleging to be of Americans  being held prisoner in SEAsia, surfaced in the public media.  If you have not read the stories of these three photos, follow this link to the "Phony Photo" article.  You also need to read this article about the events of summer 1991.

Phony Photo

This is the photo that Jack Bailey claimed was US MIA Captain Donald Carr.  Bailey said he would give the photo to DIA; he did not.  Instead, he turned it over to the news media in July 1991.

dietrich_1.jpg (374835 bytes)

Real Photo

This photo was tracked to a tropical bird exporting company in the suburbs of Bangkok, where it was made.  The man in the photo is German national, Gunther Dietrich.  Dietrich had worked in Thailand but in 1991 he was in prison in Germany on smuggling charges.

Dietrich was interviewed in Germany and confirmed that he was the man in the photo, that the shirt, watch, and sandals were his and that no one had given them to him.  Carr's wife later met Dietrich and confirmed that he was the man in the photo and he was not Donald Carr. 

dietrich_2.jpg (48835 bytes)

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